Meetingreen offers a green product line of large tables and shared desks with integrated plants, leading to happier, healthier and more productive people in offices and public spaces.          



We build tables with a wonderful green experience for everyone. We build large meeting tables, co-working tables and shared desks for offices and public places. We integrate plants and flowers into our designs to make green part of the whole experience, not just as an add-on. Apart from the healthy benefits, the lush green functions as a natural boundary for more private workspaces. The tables are fully equipped to support all your purposes like integrated electricity, different lightning options and much more!


Healthy plants and flowers make people smile. We provide you with the plants and flowers for your tables and take care of them if you wish. We offer periodic service options to nurture the table full of flowers and plants or teach you how to take care of the plants yourselves. We partner with experienced flower and plants specialists to create the experience you want. You enjoy the green while we take care of it!


We believe that the future of the office space is in green office design, and that the trending city venues will continue to create green heavens for customers to enjoy, relax and interact. We encourage people in the city to spend significant time in spaces with living plants, because being around green has a proven positive effect on well being, productivity and stress reduction. We want to create awareness regarding the positive impact of being around green in our daily city life on health and well-being.